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Is Harry Reid Pro-Life?

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Senator Harry Reid has a long history of actions inconsistent with his supposed, self identified "pro-life" tag. He votes one way, and says something different when back at home. Douglas Johnson, Federal Legislation Director of the National Right to Life Committee, says, "Over the past 10 years or so, Harry Reid has emerged as one of the biggest obstacles in Congress to pro-life bills and nominees."

Harry Reid on Abortion provides the detailed explanation of his actions on the life issues. This eight page document is a quick read and includes viewpoints from both sides of the abortion debate. Pass on this information. Be informed.


Nevada Right to Life PAC Makes Federal Endorsements

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Nevada Right to Life Political Action Committee announced that it is endorsing the following for federal office in the upcoming election:

  • United States Senate - Sharron Angle (R)
  • Congressional District 1 - Kenneth Wegner (R)
  • Congressional District 2 - Dean Heller (R)
  • Congressional District 3 - Joe Heck (R)

LIFEPAC General Election Endorsements

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LIFEPAC, the state political action committee of Nevada Right to Life, announced several endorsements for the general election:

  • Secretary of State - John Wagner (IAP)
  • Assembly District 2 - John Hambrick (R)
  • Assembly District 5 – Tim Williams (R)
  • Assembly District 6 – Carole Long (R)
  • Assembly District 8 – Joe Egan (R)
  • Assembly District 15 – Stan Vaughan (IAP)
  • Assembly District 21 – Les McKay (IAP)
  • Assembly District 22 – Lynn Stewart (R)
  • Assembly District 25 – Pat Hickey (R)
  • Assembly District 32 – Ira Hansen (R)
  • Assembly District 33 - Janine Hansen (IA)
  • Assembly District 38 – Dennis C. Gomez (IAP)
  • Washoe Senate District 1 – Phillip Salerno (R)
  • Washoe Senate District 2 – Don Gustavson (R)
  • State Senate District 5 – Michael Roberson (R)
  • State Senate District 12 – Joe Hardy (R)

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